Aukan Stathem

Aukan is a goliath cleric of Kord whose tribe was forced from their homes by troglodytes.


Early Life

Aukan comes from a long line of skywatchers in a goliath tribe that worships Kord. After finishing the last task in his initiation to become a skywatcher, Aukan returned to find his entire tribe killed by troglodytes; there were only 5 survivers including him. That was only the beginning. After that day troglodytes started attacking other goliath tribes in the Tamorean Mountains. All of the tribes banded together to push the invading troglodytes back into the underdark. During one of the biggest battles of the war Aukan got his left arm cut off by a “trog” (as the goliaths call them). Despite losing his arm Aukan refused to give up. He continued to fight and in the end killed 50 more trogs by himself; this gave the goliath woman and children enough time to escape from the invading trogs. Aukan also managed to survive the fight and after collapsing from exhaustion he awoke to find his arm reattached to his body, only his arm now has a glowing symbol of Kord inscribed on it. Despite the effort of Aukan and the other goliaths the trogs took control of the montains forcing them to flee.


Aukan’s tribe spent several days fleeing from the mountains not wanting to stop for fear that the trogs were following them. These fears turned out to be true; a girl about 7 years old tripped while fleeing. Aukan was the only one to notice; he also noticed four trogs emerge from the forest. He ran to the girls side a defended her from the trogs, killing them before they could harm her. The girls mother thanked Aukan for saving her daughter. When they finally stopped to rest. Vimak leader of the remaining 1,000 goliaths (down from 10,000) told Aukan that to have any chance at reclaiming their home they would have to hire mercenaries to help clear out the remaining trogs; however, they did not have the money to afford the mercenaries they needed. But seemingly by fate Vimak had recently found a piece of paper floating in the wind; it was a flyer for the Divine Peak championship; the grand prize was more than enough to hire the mercenaries they needed. Vimak sent Aukan to Divine Peak in the hopes that he would win them the money they desperately needed.

At the competition Aukan excelled in the athletic events. He caused the seemingly unstoppable Tarak to lose his perfect score. Aukan also befriended Illikan, Riaardon, Vec, and Laenan. During the final even Aukan and his friends were attacked by vortera. In an effort to learn more about the vortera, Aukan an his friends traveled together. Together they overthrew and evil king and ensured that a good one took the throne. But now Jason told Aukan and his friends that he would like to talk to them about their next course of action. . .

Aukan Stathem

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