An Elf Avenger of Sehannie who's sole purpose was to kill the tyrannical Caleb Osmeer


Lafavel’s parents were freedom fighters against King Caleb Osmeer of Arthas because he was a cultist of Torog. Because of this his parents sent him away to a temple of Sehannie when he was very young to keep him safe. At the temple he trained to be an Avenger while his parents and the resistance fought the king and his soldiers. When he became an adult he and some friends he made at the temple— a paladin of Sehannie, an invoker of Sehannie, and a cleric of Sehannie. — started fighting Caleb’s soldiers as well. One day Lafavel and his friends discovered the king and 50 of his soldiers executing the last of the resistance fighters, Lafavel’s parents included. Lafavel tried to stop the king from killing his parents but was to late. He told his friends to flee while he held off the king’s men. He killed a few before being stabbed through the chest by Caleb. He was left there to die while Caleb and his men returned to Arthas. While he lay there dying he remembered a story his parents had told him when he was young. His parents told them that when Lafavel’s mother was pregnant she and Lafavel’s father helped an old lady escape from a group of bandits The old lady then blessed Lafavel’s mother by telling her that her child would grow up to free Arthas and that he would live to see it free. He then heard the voice of Sehannie in his head telling him that she would keep her promise. Lafavel woke up a week later, his wounds completely healed. He started travelling in the hopes of finding his friends.

Fighting the Vortera

When the King learned that Lafavel was alive he sent his elite soldiers after him. They chased him into the woods but eventually lost him. They hired Riaardon, Vec, Aukan, and Illikan to help find him. When the guards left to continue their search. Lafavel told the adventurers about why the guards were after him. The guards came back to see that the adventurers were talking to Lafavel. They called them traitors and attacked all of them. After defeating the guards Lafavel decided to follow the heroes seeing as it would be safer to travel with experienced fighters.

Their adventure brought them to Arthas; there task was to get the king’s help. Lafavel had a different agenda though. When they entered the kings throne room the king recognized him and told his guards to leave. Lafavel attacked the king but the king opened up a fissure in the ground that they both fell into. In the fissure they had an epic battle. At first it seemed like Lafavel was going to lose but then his skin started glowing and a white flame engulfed him giving him power he never knew he had. With this power he was able to defeat King Caleb Osmeer. However shortly after he was arrested for killing the king and was thrown in prison where he was reunited with his only surviving friend from his days at the temple. While his friends attempted to free him Lafavel once again his skin ignited in a white flame. This time, however, he was unable to stop it, and it consumed his body. When the flame dissipated their was nothing left but ash.


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