A powerful Eladrin wizard who was trained by Karaal-Jet in the Elemental Chaos. Riaardon is also the leader of the adventuring group.


Early Life

Riaardon was an eladrin born in the Feywild. At the age of 15 a Genasi wizard named Karaal-Jett came passing through the area where Riaardon was living. Riaardon’s parents sent him with the wizard hoping that he would learn to be a powerful wizard. Karaal brought Riaardon to his tower in the Elemental Chaos. There Riaardon spent the next several decades training not only in magic, but in sword fighting as well. At the end of Riaardon’s training he and Karaal traveled to the archon badlands together so that Riaardon could get some real world experience. However, the two were attacked by more archons than they had anticipated. Karaal was killed and Riaardon barely managed to escape, his master’s body slumped on his back. Riaardon managed to make it back to Karaal’s tower but with his training complete and his master dead he had no reason to stay. He found a planar portal ritual that he was going to use to teleport back to the Feywild. Unfortunately there was a complication with the ritual. . .

Battling the Vortera

Still a little inexperienced Riaardon messed up the ritual and accidentally teleported himself to the Mortal World. Luckily he teleported near a small town. Riaardon saw that the town had a ritual store and decided to see if they had a planar portal ritual. Inside the store he discovered that they did in fact have the ritual but the store-owner was racist to eladrin and would not do business with him. As he was leaving a man in a dark hood attempted to rob the store. Riaardon talked the man out of killing a hostage and stopped the situation from getting any worse. As the man was attempting to escape Riaardon knocked him out with a sleep spell. He then brought the man to jail. The Store owner thanked Riaardon for his help and apologized for his racist behavior. Riaardon asked if he could buy the ritual from the store owner but it was too expensive for him. The store owner did mention to him that a tournament was being held at Divine Peak; first prize was 500,000 gold pieces (enough to pay for the ritual and then some). He saw that the only thing to do was to head to Divine Peak and compete for the prize money so that he could finally go home.

At the tournament Riaardon excelled, especially in the trivia contests that testing knowledge of monsters and gods. During the tournament Riaardon made friends with Illikan, Aukan, Vec, and Laenan. The five of them were among the top 10 which qualified them for the final event. The supposedly “harmless dungeon” was filled with lethal traps. And to make things worse there was no prize money. The final room was empty except for a dead contestant named Tarak. Riaardon and his new friends where then attacked by creatures that his extensive knowledge had never seen, heard of, or even read about before. After defeating the creatures an army of their allies swarmed Riaardon and the other adventurers. Riaardon then had a flashback to Karaal’s death; he felt the same fear, anger, and sense of hopelessness that he did when Karaal was killed by the archons. The emotion overwhelmed Riaardon who flew into a rage tapping in to a wellspring of power he didn’t know he had. Using the power he gained from his emotions he managed to obliterate the approaching monsters. However the power also burned away at him, and if it hadn’t been for Aukan, he might have been killed by the very power that just saved him.

Riaardon continued traveling with the friends he made at Divine Peak; together they hoped to learn about the creatures that attacked them. Seeing his obvious skill, the other adventurers named Riaardon leader of their group.

After escaping a Vorteran army approaching the surface, Riaardon had a dream where he saw a human named Klemvar and an old man talking in a large throne room. In the dream the old man walked over to a black shard and absorbed green energy from it that seemed to revitalize him.

Riaardon and his friends then traveled to Arthas to warn the king about the Vortera. Riaardon and his friends overthrew the evil king and helped ensure a good one was chosen to be the next ruler of Arthas. The royal army is being gathered, but Jason told Riaardon that he wishes to speak with them about their next course of action. . .


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