A Changeling Thief who fled from his home after learning that his master was working with Orcus, Demon Prince of Undeath.


Early Life

Vec’s mother abandoned him when he was very young; he never new his father. He survived by impersonating others and taking what wasn’t his. One day a deva named Madarach decided to take Vec under his wing. Vec did odd jobs for the deva for several years until one day his master betrayed him; he was attacked by undead working for Madarach. He was saved by a man in a cloak whose face he never saw. The man spared Vec on the condition that he never work with his master again. Vec had to flee after encountering his former master once again. He fled to a desert and eventually collapsed from exhaustion. As he was dying he prayed for his life; he then heard a voice in his head “remember your promise”. When he woke up again he was in a halfling trading caravan and a crow was perched next to him. After that he continued to run, always on the move, hoping to never be found by his master again.


In his travels Vec found himself in a small town. He found a flyer for the Divine Peak Championship, the reward was enough to make him want to enter. He decided to rest for the night in the town and leave in in the morning. During the night, however, he was attacked by zombies that he quickly dispatched. He decided to leave ahead of schedule; just in case Madarach sent any more undead after him.

At the tournament Vec excelled in the Acrobatic competitions. There he made friends with Riaardon, Aukan, Illikan, and Laenan. The five of them made it to the final event, where they were attacked by vortera. Vec and his new friends decided to travel together to see if they could learn more about the vortera.

Their travels brought them to the capital city, Arthas. While investigating a disturbance at the cemetery Vec came across someone from his past. The man summoning the undead was a man named Quinn, another one of Madarach’s lackeys. Quinn told Vec that he was the key to Madarach’s plan. Despite Vec’s attempts to keep Quinn alive for questioning he was killed by his undead minions; he did not want to be captured alive. During the election Marc called upon a large number of undead. The undead were supplied to him by the now undead necromancer, Quinn. The anger towards the undead and the hopelessness of the situation unleashed something inside Vec. He started glowing and experienced an incredible surge of power. With his power surge he and his friends managed to kill Quinn and save the nobles. But now Jason wants to speak with Vec and his friends again about their next course of action. . .


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