Yuriel (The Gypsy Flame)

A traveling Firesoul Genasi Swordmage born in the City of Brass, Yuriel has one goal: Save his mentor.


Early Life

Yuriel loved his life in the City of Brass, but not enough to keep him from leaving it behind to see the world. At a fairly young age Yuriel left the City of Brass and his travels led him to the Mortal World. He traveled all over the world and earned himself the nickname “The Gypsy Flame”. He doesn’t know where he got the nickname from: it might have been from a hag who he defeated or maybe from a prince who he bedded/bested with his “massive sword”. During his travels he met a human swordmage named Alec. The two became good friends and eventually more than that. Alec trained Yuriel to be a swordmage. Eventually the two joined up with a group of heroes, but they left the group after the other heroes chose to let an evil king continue to rule. Just after the Divine Peak Championship Yuriel and Alec heard stories of an eladrin wizard who defeated 100 monsters made of earth and fire with a single spell. Not long after Yuriel and Alec encountered similar creatures to the ones they heard attacked the eladrin at Divine Peak. Yuriel was knocked out in the fight and when he came to Alec was gone. Yuriel believed that the only one who could help him was the eladrin wizard named Riaardon.


Yuriel met Riaardon and his friends during their mission to investigate a disturbance in a cemetery. He stopped a rotwing zombie from ambushing them; after that the heroes then introduced themselves to each other. Riaardon and the other adventures agreed to help Yuriel for the payment of 143gp. But they had more pressing matters at the time so they told him that they were unable to attempt to save his mentor for the time being. Yuriel decided to follow them along until they do. Yuriel then helped them survive the fight in the senate hall. But even though they completed their mission Jason told Yuriel and his new companions that he would like to speak with them about their next course of action.

Yuriel (The Gypsy Flame)

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